Tri-County Youth Sports Grant
Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners

Russ Platt has a long record of helping youth sports.

Russ coached women's softball in the early l96Os. In the 197Os he coached baseball in West Peoria. He has been president of the Manual Booster Club, has repaired bicycles for Toys for Tots, and volunteered set-up of the initial Jumpball Jamboree at the IHSA March Madress Experience.
Russ served as president of the Independent Sports Club in 1984, and for the past 11 years has served as treasurer for the ISC. Under Russ' watch, the ISC has grown to over 700 members, making it easier to perform its mission " help provide Peoria area youth the best sports programs in the country."

Russ and his wife Betty celebrated 50 years of marriage last year. He is proud to join the long list of friends who have received this award: Gary Trotter, Dan Shea, Jim Watson, and fellow worker from Illinois Mutual, Chuck McCord.