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Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners

Dr. Clarence V. Ward is an Ophthalmologist who graduated from Spalding in 1940, University of Notre Dame in 1944 and St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1946. He served 2 years in the Army in Japan and had a 2-year residency at Hines Veteran Hospital. He has been in private practice in Ophthalmology continuously since 1952.

Dr. Ward received the University of Notre Dame Man of the Year Award in 1983, the IL State Medical Society Award for Outstanding Team Physician in 1990 and the Peoria Area Catholic High School Team Physician Award in 1992.

In 1965, the year that Bergan High School entered the Mid State 8, which then became the Mid State 9, he was asked by his good friend, Dr. George Best, to act as Bergan's Team Physician because Dr. Best's son, freshman Marty Best, was Bergan's starting quarterback. From that game and for the next 22 years Dr. Ward served as Bergan's Team Physician and then continued to serve in the same capacity for 4 more years as Spalding and Bergan merged to become Peoria Notre Dame High School.

Dr. Ward served 14 years under Head Coach Jim Heid, 5 years under the legendary Merv Haycock, 4 years under Tim Dougherty and 4 years under Jim Donahue. When asked onetime Why an Ophthalmologist was the Team Doctor, Ward replied "because my back-up man is an OB Gynecologist Specialist".