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Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners
Chick Hearn

Now known as the voice of the Los Angeles Lakers, Peorians remember him as the voice of Bradley Basketball for station WEEK. Chick Hearn broadcast the Braves games for six seasons in the late 1940s and early '50s, during one of Bradley University's greatest eras. Peoria fans soon grew accustomed to Hearnisms: such as "worldí's eye view," "caught with his hand in the cookie jar," and "dribble drive."

In 1956, Hearn left Peoria for Los Angeles and CBS where he did play-by-play for UCLA and Southern California. Begun 25 years ago in 1961, Hearn's association with the LA Lakers has become an important part of the team. For his exciting and colorful commentary, Hearn has become as beloved as some of the top players like Kareen Abdu Jabbar or Magic Johnson.

A native of Aurora, Hearn began his radio career there and had a reputation as a pretty fair basketball player himself, before embarking upon a broadcasting career in Peoria.