Tri-County Youth Sports Grant
Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners
1984 Elmwood Cross Country Team

Left to right: Coach Tom Meyers, Bill Troutt, Mike Heffron, Curt Smith, Joe Harkness, Jeff Kalteux, Stan Johnson, Brian Opper, Tony McCoy, Brent Simpson. Not pictured: Assistant Coach Greg Silzer.

The 1984 Elmwood Cross Country team accomplished what no other Elmwood team has; they completed their season undefeated. The schedule included three large "AA" invitation wins, against most of the "AA" powerhouses from Central Illinois and several Chicago area "AA" schools. The ’84 team finished their record-setting season by winning the state meet over runner-up Rushville 68-149. Elmwood placed five runners in front of Rushville’s #1 to complete the 81 point win. The Elmwood runners were: Sr. Mike Heffron, 11th in 15:14; Sr. Joe Harkness, 19th in 15:24; Sr. Jeff Kalteux, 24th in 15:32; Sr. Brian Opper, 27th in 15:37; Sr. Curt Smith, 28th in 15:38, So. Tony McCoy, 50th in 16:01, and So. Brent Simpson, 78th in 16:15.