Tri-County Youth Sports Grant
Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners
Vince Lloyd

Originally from South Dakota, Vince Lloyd became the radio voice of the Bradley Braves for station WMBD in the early 1940's. After being tapped for WW II, Lloyd returned and continued to do Bradley games until 1947, when he joined the staff of WGN in Chicago.

After a variety of assignments, Vince became the No. 1 radio play-by-play man of the Chicago Cubs in 1965 eventually teaming with Lou Boudreau. He also joined former Peorian Jack Brickhouse in the telecasting of Cub games and by the time of his retirement in 1987 had broadcast thousands of big league games.

He had a unique first in 1961 when the late President John F. Kennedy was his guest on the leadoff man show. Vince also did Big-10 Football, IHSA football playofts, and a variety of other sports. During his career, he received dozens of awards, being named the outstanding broadcaster in Illinois several times, and being cited by the Associated Press as the best college football broadcaster. He still found time to devote a great deal of time to Chicago charity endeavors.

His style and personality certainly left an indelible mark on the Peoria-area sports community. A true gentleman, he never forgot his days at WMBD. He has visited here often, and like his friend Jack Brickhouse, often referred to his Peoria "roots" while on the air.