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Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners
The Old Timers Baseball Association

Founded in 1934, the Old Timers is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to Youth Programs and Community sponsorships. Originally known as "Peoria's Venerable Baseball Association" the club had its roots as a strictly social group --it was the "political thing to do" --to be a member of the Old Timers in early days.

The modern day club has become one of the most benevolent social organizations in the Greater Peoria Area. Club donations support without prejudice various athletic, cultural, and social programs.The Club has been especially responsive to requests for seed money by deserving sports groups. Each year, the group disburses many thousands of dollars in financial aid throughout the community. Special emphasis is placed on baseball programs such as Prep, Pony, Lassie, and Little Leagues. The Club works closely with the Peoria Park District in these areas, as well as other community programs. Contributions are made to all age groups showing need.

As volunteers, the Club Officers and Advisory Board expend many hundreds of hours on charitable projects -- further enhancing the groupís image as "A Friend of the Community." Counting over 800 on its membership roster, Association Membership is open to everyone.