Tri-County Youth Sports Grant
Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners
Ralph Lawler

A 1956 graduate of Peoria High School, Ralph Lawler has continued the area's tradition of supplying some of the nation's top sports broadcasters.  Already an established broadcaster among the nation's major sports leagues, Lawler became the voice of the NBA's San Diego Clippers in 1978 and has now announced more than 2,000 Clippers game in more than 30 years. Lawler began his broadcasting career at Pekin's WSIV radio station while he was a student at Bradley University.  The 1976 Pennsylvania Broadcaster of the Year, Lawler enjoyed stints as the radio voice for the Philadelphia Phillies (Major League Baseball), Flyers (National Hockey League) and 76ers (National Basketball Association).  Upon moving to the West Coast, he served as the voice of the National Football League's San Diego Chargers before locking in as the long-time Voice of the Clippers.