Tri-County Youth Sports Grant
Tri-County Youth Sports Grant Winners
Marty Stromberger

Marty Stromberger came to Metamora in time for the 1962-63 school year. It was a time of red penalty flags, tie games without overtime and no 2-point conversions. Still, as Marty knew so well, the game is really all about tackling and blocking. All about execution and a striving for perfection. About planning an offense and a defense that the kids will buy into. Marty also knew that nothing in coaching is as difficult as turning a losing program into a winning program.

After a difficult 0-9 beginning, the players did buy into the plan as his next 8 seasons resulted in a 63-12-3 record for the Redbirds. With Metamora's football program headed in the right direction, Marty was offered and accepted the Athletic Director's job. He handed the football baton to his assistant and began to look toward improving the overall athletic program at the school.

Soon a fixture in the community, the Stromberger family never left. Marty once complained that had Spalding not spirited a couple of Mischler boys across the river to Spalding, his record might have been better. It's doubted that it could have been better. Marty Stromberger has earned the title of "Father of Metamora Football."